*Beginning November 1st we will no longer be filling growlers. Please scroll to the bottom for further explanation.

Do you allow children? How about dogs?
WeldWerks is proud to be a family friendly establishment! However we do ask that parents and guardians keep in mind that WeldWerks is a working production facility. For the safety and enjoyment of all patrons we ask that children are kept under direct and immediate supervision; there is hazardous and expensive equipment within the vicinity.

Our beloved four legged friends are welcome on our patio.

Do you have food?
Beer is what we know and beer is what we do! The taproom does carry a small selection of pre-packaged snacks from local vendors but if you are looking for a good meal we have food trucks Thursday – Saturday (check Events page for details). Outside food is always welcome and we do have many delivery options available. 

Do you sell kegs?
Due to high demand we are not currently offering kegs for sale.

How can I get WeldWerks to donate to my charity/event?
We love donating to causes and organization in our community when possible! Email taproom@weldwerksbrewing.com for further inquiries.

Do you take reservations or accommodate large parties?
We do not take reservations and we ask that all groups over 15 who are planning on visiting the taproom please give prior notice so that we may ensure the best possible service! Please email taproom@weldwerksbrewing.com for notifications and questions!

Do you offer tours?
At this time we do not offer regularly scheduled tours. However we will happily give group tours when possible; if you have a group or an organization looking to schedule a private tour please reach out to taproom@weldwerksbrewing.com and we will do our best to accommodate!

Do you have gluten free beers?
We do not regularly carry gluten free beers though we, on occasion, might have a gluten-reduced beer available.

How can I apply for a position?
Resumes are always accepted through wbcjobs@weldwerksbrewing.com

I’ve heard your servers do not keep tips; why is that?
Our taproom staff plays an immensely important role in our company; we rely on them to knowledgeably and positively represent WeldWerks. We value and respect the fantastic work that they do and we believe that every person in our family- servers, brewers, sales, packaging and logistics- is equally essential in our growth and success! And as such, each and every person is compensated fairly and equally. We invest 100% of the tips back into our employees by offering very competitive wages and paid time off for all employees (ranging from the 75th to 95th percentile of industry averages), providing our staff with health insurance coverage for themselves and for their families, and offering continued education through classes, programs, events, and seminars. If there is one thing we’re dead serious about at WeldWerks, it’s our people!

Why do you not fill growlers?
Back in 2016 we made a conscious decision to move away from growlers and focus solely on crowlers, cans and bottles. Crowlers allow us more control over the quality assurance of our beer leaving the brewery. And we want our beer tasting just a good in your home as it does in our taproom! Below are a few interesting facts about crowlers versus growlers, we hope it helps to illuminate the reasoning behind our decision.

  • Crowlers guarantee freshness and quality; even though we sanitize all growlers the glassware may have stubborn filth and funk that could taint the beer and create undesirable flavors. 
  • While growlers will last less than a week unopened, and 24 hours once opened, crowlers can sit for up to four weeks without deterioration of quality. Once opened the whole can will be consumed which guarantees that the customer is experiencing the beer in it’s peak condition – just as we intend it! 
  • The aluminum is recyclable and made from 68% recycled content. 
  • Crowlers are more easily transportable. CO is an outdoor rec-friendly state; crowlers are great for camping, hiking, kayaking, etc; they can go where glass can’t. Once consumed they condense down to a manageable “pack it out” size. 
  • Unlike growlers, properly purged and sealed crowlers will experience zero oxygen ingress and zero light penetration. 
  • We monitor and service the seamer on a regular basis to ensure each crowler is not only filled but packaged with the utmost attention and care by a staff that is well trained and educated in the machine’s maintenance needs.